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Copper & Nickle Freestanding Baths

Freestanding copper and nickel baths are the pinnacle of contemporary bathroom design, and as such are some of the most desired styles you can buy. They create a truly iconic focal point for your bathroom, one that you’ll cherish and that house guests will admire with envy. They work spectacularly amongst both vintage and modern décor, helping to elevate your bathroom to true luxury status.

Copper & Nickel Freestanding baths online with the best prices and FREE UK delivery available

Many of our freestanding copper baths manage to straddle that classical and contemporary line within their own design, with clean lines and polished finishes that sit wonderfully with more traditional taps and fittings. Copper and Nickel baths do have a higher price point than some of our more mainstream materials but there is more to copper & Nickel than a distinct look, ensuring that the price you pay is completely justified.

For a start, copper baths and nickle baths are responsible as they’re ultimately recyclable, so in many years time you’ll know that your tub won’t end up on the scrap heap.

They also repair themselves – in that, if your freestanding copper or nickel bath is scratched during use or while it’s being cleaned, over time the mark will fade as the surface naturally softens and absorbs the blemish.

Copper, being a conductive metal, also has outstanding heat retention properties. What this means is that your bath will stay hot for longer, as the heat is absorbed and retained within the metal rather than evaporating into the surrounding air.

If you enjoy a long soak, a copper bath will mean you don’t need to keep topping up with the hot tap. All of our copper freestanding baths are manufactured to the highest quality to reflect the style and material used.

If you’ve got any questions about dimensions, floor supports or anything else related to copper or nickel baths then please just let us know

Copper Bath Alternatives

Copper and Nickle Freestanding baths come in a variety of sizes. If you can not find a freestanding copper bath that matches your requirements. Then a free standing bath may just be what you're searching for. You also may be able to find a bath from our small freestanding baths and perhaps a large freestanding baths collections.

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