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BC SolidBlue

BC Solidblue is a sub-brand of BC Designs, a bathroom designer firm set up by Barrie Cutchie in 1999. BC Solidblue is a specialist brand that deals with reinforced baths. If you want a bath that stays hot for longer, or you’re concerned about the durability of your bath, then a BC Solidblue tub could be the perfect option.

The reason that BC Solidblue baths are so good at retaining heat is due to their layered construction. The baths have a special BC-Solidblue layer made from a hardening composite, on top of which is the baseboard, the fibreglass and resin layers, and then the acrylic sheet on top.

This has three main benefits. Firstly, the bath itself is a lot stronger. So over time, with the large weight of water, it won’t get damaged and it’ll still remain a top-quality bath for years to come. That’s also helped by the way that the materials are UV resistant. So even if your bath is situated in a place that gets a lot of sunlight, it won’t discolour, and it’ll retain its pristine look.

Finally, the extra reinforcement layer acts as insulation, so that warm water in the bath retains its heat for longer. If you like a long soak, then a BC Solidblue bath might be ideal as it’ll mean you don’t need to keep topping up with fresh hot water.

There are a number of shapes and sizes to pick from when selecting your BC Solidblue bath, so you don’t need to worry about finding one to fit your bathroom. The clean white acrylic styles will look great in most bathrooms too, complementing any décor.

Take a look through our range of reinforced BC Solidblue baths and find the one that best fits your home, to enjoy a bath that’s durable and reliable.