Electric Underfloor Heating

Relax and indulge with electrical underfloor heating in your bathroom. We offer a wide range of underfloor heating solutions, including mats, membrane, cables and foils. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to enjoy high performance and cutting-edge technology in your very own home.

Our electrical underfloor heating products are sourced in the UK by ThermoSphere – the country’s only underfloor heating manufacturer. These award-winning heating solutions come in a variety of shapes, sizes and formations so that you can make the most out of your bathroom space.

We believe that you should be able to enjoy the benefits of specialist knowledge and home innovations in a practical and efficient way. Our underfloor heating options offer great energy efficiency, affordable prices, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. If it couldn’t get any better, all products are easy to install and use. Electrical underfloor heating offers long-term advantages for you. Its speedy warm-up period and cheap running costs mean that it allows you to save money when compared to conventional at-home heating systems.

Check out our electrical underfloor heating mats. The self-adhesive backing makes installation easy and comes with a twisted twin cable to minimise the added stress of cabling. Alternatively, our electrical underfloor heating membrane is waterproof and great for bathroom installation. All of our ThermoSphere heating products come with a lifetime warranty upon online registration, so you can guarantee high satisfaction rates.

Electrical underfloor heating for your bathroom has never been made so simple. Step out of your bath onto a nice and warm surface for the ultimate spa-like experience all day, every day. We offer the very best electrical underfloor heating options, so you can be sure to receive a top-quality product upon purchase. Browse our store today.

Electric Underfloor Heating FAQs

With underfloor heating systems, your floor works like a radiator. UFH heats the room from the ground up, through a series of cables embedded in the floor.

Underfloor heating frees up wall and floor space, giving greater interior design freedom. UFH systems are invisible, as they’re hidden below the floor, making them ideal for open plan living.

The gentle heat and low humidity create a kinder environment for furniture and the circulation of dust and mites is reduced, making the air cleaner and less allergenic. Underfloor heating is ideal for allergy sufferers, and also the elderly and children as there are no exposed hot or sharp surfaces.

An electric heating element is 100% efficient at the point of use meaning every watt of electricity is converted into heat energy. Couple that with a thermal insulation layer and energy-saving heating control and you have an extremely efficient heating system.

Many of our heating solutions can be installed in just one day (depending on the size of the system). After installation, you must allow time for any adhesives to fully cure before switching your system on. This is usually around 1-2 weeks..

Even better, you won’t need your radiators anymore with underfloor heating. Because your underfloor heating is a primary heat source you can remove your radiators and free up your wall space for something else! Efficient and beautiful.

Every heating system should be connected to a heating control. You can have a simple, manual on/off version, but we recommend the use of a programmable heating schedule for better efficiency.

There are no moving parts to an electric underfloor heating system and cable failures are extremely rare if installed correctly. A damaged cable can usually be located and repaired with minimal disruption. The Mesh & Membrane underfloor heating systems are insured for a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry.

Yes. Choose a ThermoSphere wireless or SmartHome heating control and you will be able to monitor your energy consumption and control your electric underfloor heating from anywhere using the ThermoSphere App.