Underfloor Foil

For those looking for quick and simple underfloor heating, our incredible ThermoSphere Electric Underfloor Foil is an ideal solution. Experience the luxury of underfloor heating with a simple-to-install foil solution, offering high-quality, long-lasting heat transfer for not only your bathroom but for any room in the house. ThermoSphere underfloor heating foil is double-layered, designed not only to protect the heating element but offer an even spread across the whole floor.

Our underfloor foil not only offers unbeatable underfloor heating but is reliable and robust, giving you extra peace of mind that you and your home are safe. ThermoSphere underfloor foil utilises continuous earth braid protection throughout the cable, offering protection against electricity and against potential fires. The cushioned underlay and fully embedded heating cable offer complete protection from any wear or abrasion, with accessible cable loops offering additional protection for the heating element after installation.

Our underfloor heating foil is ideal for any room or floor finish – you aren’t limited to just your bathroom. Experience perfectly even heating under any flooring material, including wood, carpet, laminate, and in some cases, even tile. As a Class II product, ThermoSphere underfloor heating foil is ideal for any room, including wet rooms (dependant on local building standards). With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that any ThermoSphere heating solutions in your home are not only made to last but that, if there are any problems experienced, the guarantee covers you.

Underfloor heating foil is a quick and simple way to get the luxury of underfloor heating, without the expense and hassle of a lengthy installation. Experience the comfort of a warm bathroom floor, with electricity costs running as low as the cost of a cup of coffee a month. Take a look at our range below for more information and to buy your new underfloor heating, today.