Underfloor Mat

It’s never nice to step out of your bath onto a cold, wet surface. That’s why, at Just Baths, we recommend installing one of our premium bathtubs with an electric underfloor heating mat. We offer a range of heating mats that have been manufactured with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking in mind.

Our electrical underfloor mats are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and easy installation. That’s why all of our products come with a self-adhesive backing to speed up the installation process. We believe underfloor heating solutions should be as accessible as possible, so we offer a range of sizes, including 150W/m², 200W/m², and 100W/m². No matter how big or small a bathroom is, our range ensures everyone can enjoy underfloor heating mats.

At-home technology is becoming more and more advanced, and Just Baths aims to capitalise on this to ensure that your bathroom becomes a hub for complete relaxation and enjoyment. Electrical underfloor heating mats are energy-efficient and cost-effective, meaning that you can save money too.

Once installed, electrical underfloor heating mats do not require maintenance and are guaranteed for a lifetime. They are manufactured in compliance with the energy-efficiency standard for electric heating systems, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re sourcing award-winning technology from those who care.

Besides the standard benefits of relaxation and energy efficiency, you will save money when you choose to install a heating mat in your bathroom. This is because it's cheaper to run compared to conventional heating systems. Electrical underfloor heating mats offer all-around advantages for your home, and we highly recommend them for homeowners looking to create a modern and refined bathroom. Browse our range of underfloor heating mats at Just Baths and contact us today to discuss your options in more detail.