Grab Rails

Independence is important to everyone, and it’s a sensitive matter when you’re struggling. Just Baths are here to help when you need it, we stock a range of grab rails that offer stability and extra support whenever it is needed. From toilet rails to bath rails, they are easy to install at an affordable price so you can rest in comfort knowing you’ll be supported.

Bathroom Grab Rails, Low Prices and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

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Grab Rails FAQs

Anyone who needs a little extra support or wants more independence can use our grab rails. We stock a range of grab rails for baths, showers and have toilet rails too. If installed correctly these can hold a lot of weight, providing comfort when using these grab rails.

We stock many different types of grab rails that offer the same comfort and support but just for different areas of the bathroom. Our bath grips can be installed anywhere around the bath you feel comfortable with but are usually installed on the top lip of the bath on either side.