Small Baths and Bathtubs

British bathrooms are renowned for being compact, especially in so many new build houses that are templated. That’s why we offer a range of small baths to make sure you can always find the space for one, even if you don’t have the biggest bathroom.

Small Baths and Bathtubs, With the Best Prices and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

We have a large range of small built-in baths but there are some freestanding options too. Remember that a freestanding bath may need more space around it, so take that into account when you’re measuring up. Ideally, a freestanding bath needs a little extra room in order to look good anyway. Mid-to large baths tend to measure 1700mm or longer, but we have a wide selection of both 1500mm and 1600mm baths for anyone with limited space. We also have smaller compact bathtubs that are 1400mm long and 1200mm long but these might be too small for you to comfortably lie down in.

Every small bath we sell is manufactured to a very high standard. Small doesn’t mean second class. You can rest assured that we only partner with trusted suppliers who create small baths designed to last years.

Choose Just Baths as Your Small Bath Supplier

We are incredibly proud of our vast range of small baths here at Just Baths. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, don’t worry. We highly recommend taking a look at our full range of back to wall baths and corner baths. Both of these baths are perfect for fitting into small spaces whilst still looking elegant. If you’re looking for something completely different, take a look at our selection of large baths.

If you need expert advice, please contact us today. We have an award winning customer service team who are waiting to assist you find your perfect bath.

Small Baths FAQs

The main benefit of a small bath is also the most obvious. A lot of modern bathrooms are restricted by the amount of space available, this is when small baths thrive. No matter how small your space is, small baths allow you to enjoy a luxurious experience.

Small Baths are also cheaper to run. A smaller bath means it takes less water to fill it up and can help keep your bills down. Furthermore, small baths are cheaper to purchase.

Small baths come in a range of different sizes and styles. Our small baths start from 900mm, but if you're looking for a small bath you can lay down in, we also have compact bathtubs that are 1500mm or 1600mm, these are comfortable to lay down in but are still small enough to fit in a limited spaced bathroom.

The great thing about small baths is that they can still be extremely comfortable. 1200mm is a perfect size for a smaller person, compact, stylish and comfortable. But if you are a little taller, and looking for something to lay down in the 1500mm baths would be better, still having the compact design but with a little more length.

Most of our baths come in high-quality acrylic. This is the most common material used for baths due to its durability and versatility, offering a smooth white finish that’s easy to clean and fits perfectly with any aesthetic. Some of our compact baths can be painted to suit your decor and add character. For added comfort, our small baths do come with a warranty.