1900mm Long Baths

We stock baths in a wide range of sizes. If you want a bath that measures 1900mm long then you’re in the right place. 1900mm baths are the largest standard size we sell, giving you plenty of room to unwind with a relaxing soak. But on the flip side, it also means they take longer to fill.

1900mm Baths, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

When measuring up for your new bath, it’s straightforward if you’re replacing like-for-like. Just grab a tape measure and find out the length of the bath at its longest point, including any roll-top or other lip.

If you’re fitting the bath into a recess, you’ll also want to make sure that the height and width are the same, otherwise, you may need to think about the impact on your tiling or décor, and on the other fittings in your bathroom. This is less of a concern with freestanding baths but it’s still something to consider.

If you’re renovating or building a new bathroom, you just need to work out where the bath is going to go and measure the space. If it’s 1900mm then great, take your pick from the great options of long baths we have available here. If it’s slightly less then you won’t be able to risk it.

The bath will probably fit if your recess doesn’t fit one of our standard sizes but is within a 10-30mm tolerance. Remember that the bath might sit under the tiles, which would add a few millimetres. If your measurements vary greatly from the standard lengths then get in touch, we’ll be happy to offer advice and answer questions.

Once you know you’re looking for an 11mm bath, you can start browsing the different styles and materials to find the perfect long bath for your home.

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