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Bathroom basins have grown in variety over the years. We are no longer limited to just acrylic basins. Now we have the option to create a seamless aesthetic throughout a room with basins that match the décor.

We Have A Range Of Basins In Various Materials & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

At Just Baths, we stock a wide range of basins in various materials. If you are looking to get a basin that perfectly matches your decor then you’ve come to the right place. Have a browse and see which one will suit your bathroom or washroom best. With our affordable prices and high-quality materials, you can shop in comfort.

Each basin material has its own style and benefits. It all depends on what you like and what suits you. For example - Stone basins boost natural aesthetics and are a perfect fit for plant lovers. Copper basins complete a traditional space with their Victorian-era design and style, not to mention their “live finish” adds more character over time. If you are wanting a classic ceramic basin, they now come in a range of styles that fit almost any interior while still being incredibly durable and affordable.

All of our basins are carefully chosen from our trusted suppliers so we only offer the best and highest quality available.

Choose Just Baths To Help You Create A Seamless Aesthetic

If you are struggling to see what kind of basin you’d like it might help to filter down a little more. Why not have a look at our Countertop Basins or Undercounter Basins for a more modern look? Or, if you love the traditional finish then check our Traditional Basins for some inspiration. If you are struggling to find what you need then Contact Us today, our award winning team is here to help.

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At Just Baths we stock a range of basins in various materials that all have their own pros and cons, so it all depends on what you like. Ceramic basins are the most commonly used, they come in a wide range of styles, are durable and easy to clean. Copper basins have a unique “living finish” that adds charm over time, they keep water warmer for longer and are also very durable, they can be dented but this just adds to its character.

Basins that have different materials aren’t limited to certain settings, due to their stylish looks and various styles any basin can be used in any aesthetic. For example, copper basins look perfect in traditional interiors due to their victorian designs, but also fit perfectly in a modern plant lover's bathroom due to their natural material.

Some materials can be more expensive than others, but this is due to the high quality materials, its known that copper basins are a touch more expensive than ceramic basins but overall, they do last longer when correctly cared for and due to the coppers “living finish” it can repair its own small scratches. The most affordable material for basins is ceramic, but just because it's the lowest price doesn't mean it's not long lasting; Ceramic basins are very durable and when cared for correctly can last years.