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A bath boat is another name for a double slipper bath. It’s a freestanding bath that is raised up at both sides with a dip in the middle – looking somewhat like a boat, hence the name. They’re exceptionally stylish no matter the material they’re made from, thanks to their striking design.

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Place a boat bath in your bathroom or master bedroom and it’ll work wonders as a focal point of the décor. Boat baths are commonly made from a variety of materials, so you can find the one that best suits your home décor.

A copper or tin boat bath has a stylish retro vibe that could work in either a contemporary or a traditionally styled room. Acrylic boat baths are often painted with a contrasting roll top, looking extremely modern and pristine.

The raised ends of a boat bath mean that it’s perfect for couples who want to share a romantic soak together. Or you can just relax alone and enjoy the comfort of a deep, soothing bath that, thanks to the materials used and latest designs, will retain heat for longer so you can soothe yourself for hours if you choose to. In terms of size, boat baths tend to start around 1500mm long and range up to 1800mm.

A 1500mm bath is seen as small, but with raised sides, you can usually find the space to lean back and still lie down. 1800mm baths are quite long and it’s important you measure up to make sure you have the space before you buy. Check the height too – boat baths are impressive but if your movement is limited, they may be difficult to climb into.

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Boat Baths Popular Questions

What Is a Boat Bath?

The name comes from the shape of these freestanding bathtubs. They feature a curved shape that resembles the hull of a boat. Offering ultimate comfort for your neck when bathing, the deep design gives a more relaxed and warm bathing experience. These double-slipper baths curve on both sides so you can have a romantic soak with your partner without having limited room.

What Are the Advantages of a Boat Bath?

Boat baths have an abundance of benefits, from offering a wide range of materials to comfortable raised sides for extra relaxation. Starting at 1500mm long, they can be a little shorter with more depth due to the raised design, fitting well if you have limited space but want a freestanding bath. The main focal point of boat baths is their range of finishes available, copper boat baths can keep the water warmer for longer. Acrylic baths can also be painted giving them a modern edge. Boat baths are extremely stylish and suit modern and traditional aesthetics.

What Materials Are Boat Baths Made From?

Boat baths come in an array of materials that are all perfect for a nice long soak. The most noticeable material we have to offer is our gorgeous copper baths, due to the material they keep in the heat, making the water stay warmer for longer. They look stunning in a traditional bathroom setting and create an outstanding focal point for your bathroom. Another material we offer is acrylic baths, these are a popular choice for many as they are affordable, durable and water-resistant. You can personalise your acrylic boat bath with a stylish finish of your choice. Baths come in many materials that all have their benefits.

How Do I Clean My Boat bath?

Boat baths come in different materials that might need different processes. Copper baths have a self-healing ability, so if you scratch the bath while cleaning over time the surface will repair itself. Tin baths are very low maintenance so all you need is a mild soap and a cloth to wipe dry afterwards to prevent any spotting. Acrylic baths can be cleaned easily with a non-abrasive cleaner.

Do They Come with a Warranty?

Yes, all of our bathtubs come with a warranty. This gives our customers a greater peace of mind about their new product. The warranty length very much depends on the brand you pick. Every brand will offer a different length of warranty so make sure you check this info in the spec box before making a purchase. If you want some help with this, please contact us right away.