Walk in Baths - Modern Walk In Bathtubs

Comfort and convenience meet to bring you a great selection of walk in baths. These baths are a lot more than a focal point of your space. Walk in baths are the epitome of functionality. These baths are an excellent choice for individuals who want to enjoy the comfort of a bath but don’t have the space in their bathroom. Furthermore, walk in baths are ideal for those who are older and for anyone who has issues with mobility. These baths can help you keep your independence.

Our range of walk in baths are exactly what they sound like. They all have a door in the actual bathtub which removes the need to awkwardly step into your bath, making accessibility simpler. Some of our deep soak baths and walk in bathtubs also include a seat built into the bath, boosting comfort and independence. They massively range in size but all serve the same purpose.

Walk In Baths, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

Are you struggling to find your dream bath? If so, don’t worry. Narrow down your search and take a look at our deep soak baths, walk in shower baths and power lift baths. However, if you’re looking for something completely different, we recommend taking a look at our huge range of freestanding baths.

If you have any questions about walk in baths, please contact us right away. We have an award winning team of experts who are waiting on the other end of the phone. We are always happy to assist you.

Walk In Baths FAQs

Walk-in baths are designed for anyone who struggles climbing in and out of the bath, they offer more independence but also come in a shorter design so they don’t take up as much space. Our deep soak baths have a higher design so you can sit down and still be fully covered in water. Our walk in shower baths have the standard bathtub design with an overhead shower, not compromising on one or the other yet still designed with the door for easy access.

Walk in baths have a range of styles and benefits. The biggest benefit is that they are more accessible and offer more independence. Our deep soak baths have more height than length and are perfect for smaller bathrooms. They are very popular with anyone with limited space.

Anyone can use a walk in bath, but they are more beneficial if you have mobility issues. Walk in baths are becoming increasingly popular with younger adults due to their smaller size, making them a perfect fit when you have limited space. Furthermore, walk in shower baths have both shower and bath appliances in one, saving on a totally separate appliance and creating even more space.

Walk in baths are as easy to use as standard baths but with a little twist. Simply step into the bathtub, close the door, get comfortable and start to fill. With their smaller lengths, they can fill up quicker than standard bath sizes. Once done simply drain the water and once the water is gone, open the door and easily step out.