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Back to Wall Baths

Back to Wall baths are baths designed to be placed against a wall. They will have a flat side that sits flush against the wall, but the front of the bath may have a more rounded, aesthetically-pleasing design. Other back to wall baths are rectangular and symmetrical, and usually double-ended so that the tap, plug and overflow are all situated centrally.

Back to wall Baths With The Best Prices Online And Free UK Delivery

Back to wall bathtubs combine the best of built-in and freestanding baths. They’re good for smaller spaces, tucked away when you don’t have a large bathroom to play with. However, back to wall baths are a design feature themselves. They’re available in both modern and traditional styles too, so you won’t have any trouble matching one to your room’s décor. Plus, we have back to wall baths in various sizes to fit your space perfectly.

All of our back to wall baths are made to the highest of standards, crafted from durable materials that will look outstanding for many years to come.

Struggling To Find Your Perfect Bath?

If you can’t find your ideal bath on this page, we recommend taking a look at our full range of corner baths and D-shaped baths. However, if you’re looking for something completely different, visit our extensive range of freestanding baths. We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from which all come in various sizes and finishes. We are certain to have something to suit your space and needs.

If you need further assistance, please contact us right away. We have an award winning team waiting to help you with any enquires.

Back to Wall Baths Popular Questions

What Is a Back to Wall Bath?

A back-to-wall bath has the look of a freestanding bath but can be placed against a wall instead of sitting in the middle of your bathroom. It’s a luxury addition to any bathroom and if you love freestanding baths but don’t have the space then these are an amazing alternative.

What Are The Advantages?

The main advantage of a back-to-wall bath is how it makes the most of your space. Being able to be placed against a wall means that you can maximise your free space, no matter how small your room is. They also offer easy access to plumbing and maintenance.

What Materials Are They Made From?

Here at Just Baths, our range of back-to-wall baths are mainly made from acrylic. This is a very popular choice due to its durability and versatility in design.