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Modern Basins

A modern piece of art with practicality. Modern basins come in such a wide range of styles now, you’ll find something to suit your aesthetic perfectly. With innovative designs, materials or new trends these modern basins are a must have to update your bathroom sink. Many modern sinks are now extremely affordable while still being made with premium quality materials for longevity at low prices.

Modern Basins, Modern Bathroom Sink, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

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Modern Basins Popular Questions

What Are The Different Styles of Modern Basins?

Modern basins come in a wide range of styles. Starting with a countertop basin, these sit out of the counter so the full basin is on display. Next, under counter basins sit under your flat worktop, creating just a hole in your vanity unit or countertop. Finally, wall-hung basins can look like your typical full pedestal basin but without the bulky bottom. All of these sinks open up space give a modern, minimalistic aesthetic and come in a wide range of styles and materials to suit any décor.

What Are The Different Styles of Modern Basins?

Modern basins come in a wide range of styles and materials. You’ll find one that suits perfectly with your traditional décor. It all depends on what you like, just because they are labelled as modern doesn’t mean it limits them to just modern settings. Just have a look and see for yourself, we have some stunning basins that would look lovely in a vintage-style bathroom.

What Are Bathroom Basins Made Of?

Most bathroom basins are made out of ceramic as it’s a durable material, having a glossy finish making them easy to clean. But other materials are available and are just as good as ceramic material. We stock stone basins, copper basins and nickel basins, these create more style options and offer their unique benefits.