Wall Hung Basins

A sophisticated way to optimise space. Wall hung basins are designed for opening up small spaces, adding elegance to your ensuite and more. Its stand-free design makes it perfect for adding storage under your sink or for adding a minimalistic aesthetic keeping the room open and inviting. Our wall hanging basins come in a range of modern hanging sinks or traditional basins all sculptured for any interior décor.

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Wall Hung Basin FAQ

A hanging basin or also known as “floating basins” are installed on the wall with concealed hangers and screws. The pipe comes out of the wall and is installed into the sink to get water flowing. It's designed to keep anything off the floor for easier cleaning and a more modern finish.

Wall hung basins make cleaning your floor and sink easier, due to the floating sink design they have less hard to reach areas, they also add a modern touch, if you aren’t a fan of the pipes showing you can easily install draws or cupboards underneath, hiding any pipes and creating useful storage space. They are affordable and come in a wide range of styles. The only downside is that they aren't as secure as floor mounted basins, so we recommend not to lean on your sink or put unnecessary weight on it.

Wall mounted sinks are secure but not as secure as floor mounted basins or countertop basins, so we do not recommend leaning on your floating basin or putting any unnecessary weight on them.