1700 Freestanding Baths

One of the first things you need to check when buying a new bath is the size that you require. Here you’ll find all of our 1700mm length baths. 1700mm is one of the most popular sizes for baths – many bathrooms are built to incorporate this length. They’re around average, if slightly longer, but they don’t take an age to fill and they’re comfy to lie in.

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When it’s time to measure for your bathtub, it’s simple – you’re just looking to measure either the length of the old one or the space where the new one will live if you aren’t replacing one. If you’re measuring an existing one, make sure to take the measurement at the longest point if it’s freestanding. If it’s built into a recess, make sure to include any lip and take into consideration that the bath may extend under the tiles.

If the bath is going to be sat in a recessed part of your room against a wall, then check the height and width of the existing bath you own. If the new one is bigger then it might not fit next to your other fittings or tiles. If it’s smaller, it might leave a gap underneath the current tiles that needs redecorating.

Once you’ve measured the current bath or the space where your new one is going to be placed, you’ll know whether it’s 1700mm in length and whether these are the right baths for you. If your measurements are out on the current bath or the space by around 20mm or so then you should be fine, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any advice or you’ve got questions about measuring up.

If you’ve confirmed that the length of the bath you need is 1700mm then you’re ready to shop – start by filtering for the style and material you want and go from there.

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