Bath Taps

A bath without taps might look beautiful but it’s pretty pointless, so we make sure we stock a huge range of bath taps to help you find the perfect partner for your tub. From simple bath taps to more stylish, design-focused options, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

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Firstly, you’ll need to decide where you want to mount the taps. Many people have them mounted on the bath itself for convenience, but it can look a lot cleaner if you opt for a wall-mounted bath tap set. This ensures your bath remains unspoiled for a more sleek finish. However, if you have a freestanding bath, you might prefer the luxurious look of a completely freestanding tap, stood next to the bath itself as both a functional tool and an amazing design feature. If you choose a wall-mounted or bath-mounted tap, you need to decide whether to have separate taps or a mixer. Many people prefer the convenience of a mixer tap since it makes it much easier to judge the temperature of the water as you fill the bath, rather than guessing on how much hot and cold to add and waiting for the temperature to settle. Finally, do you just want a set of bath taps, or do you want one with a shower head included? If you don’t have a separate shower unit already installed, a mixer tap with shower attachment lets you enjoy all the benefits of a shower without any of the installation or drilling. Whatever kind of bath taps you’re looking for, we have beautiful finishes for you to choose from. Take a look through our traditional and modern bath taps and find the set that best match the style you have in mind for your bathroom, or that are the most complementary for your bathtub.

Bath Taps FAQs

Pillar taps are a traditional model of tap in UK homes. Usually, they are supplied into pairs and split into hot cold taps. Our bath pillar taps feature both lever and crossheads.

Mixer taps combine hot and cold into one pillar. Simple and minimalistic, bathroom mixer taps are a more modern alternative to pillar basin taps. They do the job of two separate bathroom taps effortlessly and look great while doing it. The mixer ensures flow and temperature are easily controlled using a single lever.

The most modern and sleek taps available. Wall-mounted taps provide a contemporary and streamlined look. Attached to the wall, you only see the spout.
Wall-mounted basin taps are a fantastic alternative to a deck-mounted tap - those that sit on your basin - as it gives you more flexibility with your design. If you’re looking to have a counter-top basin, then these are a great choice.

Before you start looking for the perfect bathroom taps to finish off your dream bathroom, one question must be answered – what level of water pressure do you have at home? If this check isn’t carried out at the start of the process, there is a risk of installing a new tap, only to find it lacks the power you are hoping for – which is not ideal!