L Shaped Shower Bath

If your bathroom is a little on the smaller side, chances are you don’t have the space for both a bath and a shower cubicle. A combined shower bath is often the answer, but you may not like the idea of standing in a narrow bath. That’s where an L-shaped bath can be perfect.

L Shaped Shower Baths with The Best Prices and Free UK Delivery Available on Selected Items

An L-shaped bath combines the wider shower cubicle space into the bath to give you the best of both worlds. When you want a shower, stand in the wider end with the showerhead and enjoy the freedom to move around. When it’s time for a more relaxing bath, you can lie back in the narrower end.

When you buy an L-shaped bath you’ll also get the shower screen included. There are various types available, including fixed screens, hinged options that swing out to make it easier to step into the bath, and doors with a hinge that swing inwards to create a walled-in shower cubicle, preventing splashes to the rest of the bath.

In terms of the bath finish, classic white acrylic is a popular option but other panelling is available, including natural wood, slate greys and blacks. Whatever your space’s theme you’ll have no trouble finding an L-shaped tub that matches perfectly.

L-shaped baths are very similar to P-shaped bathtubs. If you prefer the more angular style, then an L-shaped bath is better. But it does give you an extra corner to clean, so bear that in mind when making your choice. You’ll also need to measure to make sure the width of the wider section fits in your bathroom. Take into account the way your bathroom door opens – you don’t want to keep hitting the glass screen with your door handle every time you enter or leave the bathroom. Browse our amazing range of L-shaped shower baths now.

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Here at Just Baths, we are very proud of our broad selection of bathtubs. If you’d like something similar to an L-shaped bath, we recommend visiting our P-shaped baths and D shaped baths. However, if you’re looking for something more upscale, take a look at our huge range of freestanding baths.

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L-Shaped Shower Baths FAQs

The L-shaped shower bath has one end of the bathtub that’s wider, opening up more room to shower in ultimate comfort, creating a first-class shower and bathing experience. Available with stylish shower screens that come in a range of sizes, preventing water from spilling out and causing a hazard.

An L-Shaped Bath is perfect for a family who enjoys both baths and showers but has limited space and a low budget. Their design opens up your bathroom but still offers a great balance without having to compromise on design, space or price. L-shaped bathtubs offer more room to shower so you aren’t restricted when moving around to wash.

An L-shape Bath has more of an edged design whereas the P-shaped Bath is smoothed off and more rounded, both offering amazing space and value for money. The only difference is your preference and what you think would suit your aesthetic more.