Clawfoot Baths

Clawfoot baths are iconic. When you think of a freestanding bath, you will usually immediately picture a more traditional option with ornate feet. They look incredible and are the perfect finishing touch to a classic bathroom or indeed even a master bedroom.

Not every clawfoot design is traditional though. If you’ve got your heart set on a modern bath then there are some options available with more rounded, contemporary feet. Yet for many, it’s the classical look that appeals, and with some clever design planning, a vintage clawfoot bath could easily fit into a more modern room.

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You have a wide range of finishes and styles available too, including the classic roll-top, copper and cast iron baths, and single and double-sided bath. The options for a freestanding clawfoot bath are extremely varied. You can even mix up the colour, choosing a darker bathtub to contrast with a lighter room perhaps.

There are some drawbacks to freestanding clawfoot baths to consider, including how they do involve extra cleaning, particularly around the feet, and how shelf space is limited and so you’ll need a storage solution for shampoos and soaps. Yet these are easy to overcome with planning, meaning a freestanding clawfoot bath is absolutely functional as well as visually beautiful.

One other thing to check is the size. Freestanding baths are often larger than some built-in models, not just in length but also in height. Check that it’s at a height that’s reasonable for you to climb in and out of and that it’ll fit in your space before you buy.

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Freestanding clawfoot bathtubs come in various sizes. If you can't seem to find a free standing clawfoot bath that suits your requirements. Then a conventional free standing bath could be just what you're searching for. If the size is a big factor, we recommend taking a look at both our small baths and large baths.

If you’ve got any questions about freestanding clawfoot baths, then contact us today. You can rest assured that we only offer high-quality baths from manufacturers we trust, so they will last for many years without failing or breaking.

Clawfoot Baths FAQs

Here at Just Baths, our range of clawfoot baths are all freestanding and feature distinguishing feet that add a touch of elegance. The shape of these baths combined with the luxurious feel of the feet makes these baths elegant and perfect if you’re looking for that vintage feel.

The aesthetic of clawfoot baths is the most obvious benefit of these bathtubs. They look very luxurious and will take people's breath away when they see one within your space. However, they don’t just make a striking visual statement. They tend to be deep baths which allow you to be fully submerged in a luxurious bathing experience.

Most of our stunning selection of clawfoot baths are made from acrylic. However, we also have a few made from cast iron which looks great and retains heat better than other materials

We are proud to say that our clawfoot baths are customisable. They are available in a large range of designs, sizes and finishes. Furthermore, you can even customise the feet that hold the bath up. You can customize the shape of the feet and even the material of the feet.

Clawfoot baths are experts at merging the lines of modern and traditional. These baths can add a unique feature point or a contrasting element to your modern space. The finish can even be customised to match your modern decor. In contrast, clawfoot baths look elegant and full of class within a traditional space.