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1600 Freestanding Baths

Finding the right bath is more than just picking the best material and style. You need to make sure it fits. Baths come in a range of sizes, and if you’re looking for a bath that’s 1600mm long then you’ve found the right page. 1600mm baths are pretty standard – they’re large enough for you to comfortably lie down in, and while they aren’t the quickest to fill, they also aren’t the slowest.

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Measuring up to find the right size for your bath is pretty straightforward. If you’re replacing a like-for-like bath then just use your tape measure to record the length of your old bath before you remove it. Measure it at the longest point, including any lip or roll-top that it has. If it’s built-in, factor in that parts of the bath might be tucked under the tiles – you might need to add on a few millimetres to account for that.

If you’re building a new bathroom or you’re starting over from scratch, just identify where you want the bath to be placed and measure the space. If the space is around 1600mm then these baths will be perfect. If it’s more than 20mm less, you should speak to us for advice. Most of the time this tolerance is fine but it’s worth making sure before you buy. One thing to consider is if you’re buying a bath for a recess, it’s not just the length that matters but the height and width too.

If you buy a much bigger bath, then you need to check it won’t clash with the sink or your tiled walls. If you’ve measured up and you’re certain that a 1600mm bath is the one you need, then start browsing these fantastic options. Choose your preferred material and style, and simply let us know if you’ve got any further questions.

Choose Just Baths as Your Bathtub Supplier

Here at Just Baths, we have an enormous range of luxurious baths for you to choose from. If you can’t find your perfect bath on this page, take a look at our 1200mm baths or our 1800mm baths. However, if this doesn’t help you, visit our full range of baths.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We have an award winning customer service team who are waiting to assist you in any way they can.

1600mm Baths FAQs

A standard sized bath ranges from 1500mm at the smallest length to 1700mm at the longest length, 1600mm baths are right in the middle, not taking up as much room as 1700mm baths but still offering a little more comfort than a 1500mm bath. 1600mm baths are ideal for a modern sized bathroom and are a popular size for many.

1600mm Baths are one of the most common sizes installed in bathrooms, so we make sure to stock a wide variety of 1600mm bathtubs. The most common material you’ll see in a bath is Acrylic; these are extremely durable and very easy to clean, usually in white, and they can be painted for a unique look. Our 1600mm baths also come in a modern clearstone material that is a combination of sedimentary stone and aluminium or titanium filler base, creating a durable and scratch resistant bath.

Bathing is meant to be the most relaxing part of your day, so if you aren’t getting that stress free feeling from your current bath then it might be time to start thinking about replacing it. Thankfully baths aren’t as expensive as you’d think, our high-quality 1600mm baths start from under £300. With Just Baths, you get a minimum of 10 years warranty on our 1600mm baths for that added comfort.