Bathroom Brands

We’ve partnered with some of the best bathroom design brands to bring you a fantastic range of products. Designer baths make cost a little more than some of the more generic options, but they aren’t unnecessarily expensive, and the quality of the construction and the design makes this completely worthwhile.

We work with historic brands such as Burlington to bring you traditional Victorian and Edwardian baths, as well as more modern designer brands such as Charlotte Edwards where you can get the most stylised and contemporary baths.

Some designer brands offer a mix of the traditional and the modern, such as BC Designs, Carron and Clearwater. We also stock specialist BC Solidblue baths, which are specially reinforced to be more durable and to retain heat too. Many of these baths also have a guarantee, lasting up to 20 years, again demonstrating the quality that you’re paying for.

Whatever brand you go for, you’ll find baths in a variety of sizes. Designer doesn’t have to mean big, and even if you only have a small bathroom you can enjoy the luxury that a designer bath has to offer.

And just because designer baths do tend to cost a little more than generic options, that doesn’t mean they’re too expensive either. Browse our branded baths and you’ll easily find options within your budget.

It’s not just baths – each brand offers its own fixtures to match. It’s no good buying a designer bath if you end up with a set of taps that don’t match the quality look of the tub.

Have a look through our range of brands and the products that we stock from them. If you’ve got any questions about a particular brand or product, or you need help in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.