Deep Soak Baths | Walk In Deep Soak Bathtubs

A walk in bathtub is exactly what it sounds like, it features a door and seat that is perfect for ultimate relaxation, the deep soak bath means you can be fully covered and comfortable.

Deep Soak Baths Made to Enhance Your Bathing Experience, Ease the Body and Mind with Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

A deep soak bath offers easy access and a spa like experience, cover your whole body with its extra deep bath design that boosts comfort with an added seat. Their narrower design means in can fit better in smaller spaces while still offering a brilliant bathing balance.

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If you’re looking for a bath that fits nicely in a space then have a look at our range of corner baths, D-shaped baths, P-shaped baths or even Double-Ended baths, these are perfect for fitting snug in your bathroom that add a luxury look with their unique shapes while still being comfortable to relax in.

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Deep Soak Baths

A deep soak bath to a range of bathtubs that have been designed to create an immersive bathing experience. Most of them feature a wider body than standard bathtubs. This allows a higher water level so you can fully submerge your body.

Deep soak baths allow your body to be submerged in water and this has a few benefits. These benefits include relaxation, stress relief and improved circulation. Indulge your mind and body in this spa-like experience.

Yes, they are generally easy to clean. Our range of deep soak baths are made from high-quality acrylic which is very easy to clean. Simply use a non-abrasive cleaner and your bath will shine.