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Roll Top Baths

A bath with a roll-top is one where the top of the bath curves outwards (or ‘rolls out’) to create a distinct lip. They look beautiful, with freestanding roll-top baths as a magnificent focal point of any designer bathroom.

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Roll-top baths often have clawfoot designs, although they can also be installed on a pedestal. They have a range of finishes, with colour options available if you want the bath to match or contrast the décor of the room. In some designs, they can be hand-painted to match your chosen colour.

Many roll-top baths will contrast the main body of the bath with a white roll-top, which looks contemporary and super-stylish. Roll-top baths are renowned for being comfortable too. The curved lip gives you a natural resting place for both your back and your arms, meaning you can just lean back and unwind without any jarring edges getting between your shoulders or digging into you.

Many roll-top baths tend to be deep too, often significantly deeper than built-in models. This makes roll-top baths a great choice for anyone taller or larger since they can be more submerged and, again, more comfortable in their bath.

Different types of roll-top baths give you different options. A single-ended bath has taps at one end of the tub, while a double-ended bath features taps in the middle to provide you with the choice of where to lie. Slipper baths are the pinnacle of freestanding roll-top baths, with one or two raised sides for supreme comfort (and a double-sided roll-top bath is perfect for couples to share).

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If you can't quite find a roll top bath that suits your needs, we recommend taking a look at our range of boat baths and clawfoot baths. Perhaps size is the most important factor to you. If so, you should visit our full range of small baths and large baths.

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Roll Top Baths Popular Questions

What Is a Roll Top Bath?

A roll-top bath is a type of freestanding bath where the edges are curved at the top, providing a rounded look around the front and rear of the bathtub. This design is meant to provide a comfortable area to lounge in during bathing, while also removing any sharp corners that may appear in other designs. the roll-top bath has been popular since the mid-18th century among the aristocracy of Europe. Roll-top baths are an iconic staple of any bathroom.

Who Should Consider a Roll Top Bath?

While roll-top baths are appropriate for a multitude of ages, they are more for older individuals. That is because the outer edge or lip of the bathtub is designed to be laid upon, helping one relax while bathing. Children obviously can’t utilize this feature as they are too small to reach over the sides of the bathtub. That being said, the roll top bath is safe for all ages as the lip designed for lounging also makes it safe to get in and out of the bathtub as the sides have been smoothed out.

Are Roll Top Baths Comfortable?

This is a really important question. After all, if a roll-top bath isn't comfortable, why would you choose it for your bathroom? Other than obviously, it looks nice. The answer is yes, roll-top baths are very comfortable. They are usually deep so you can immerse your whole body in the bath. The top is rounded so you can comfortably rest your head on the edge of the bath. The only slight drawback is that being deep and slide, they could pose a risk for small children left unaccompanied in the bath if it is filled to at least halfway.

How Long Is a Roll Top Bath?

Our roll-top baths are available in a variety of lengths including:

  • 1500mm
  • 1550mm
  • 1700mm
  • 1750mm
  • 1800mm

  • Like regular baths, roll-top baths are available in a range of lengths to suit different bathroom sizes. However, as they are freestanding and rather deep, they are often better installed in larger spaces to make the most of the design, as the rolled top is not ideal for placing against a wall.

    How Do You Fit a Roll Top Bath?

    Fitting a roll-top bath is similar to fitting a regular bath. However, there are a few extra considerations to make first. Such as:

  • Is your floor completely level?
  • Can your floor support the weight?
  • Do you know exactly where you want your bath to go?

  • Unlike regular baths, roll-top baths will be supported entirely by the four feet attached to the bath on the floor. Even roll-top baths that sit flush on the floor will not be able to use the wall for extra support as a regular bath would. Similarly, any floor slopes will add further pressure points, so be sure you know where you want your bath to go and that it won’t cause any issues. You will have to drill into the floor to install your roll-top bath, so changes can’t be made easily!

    Once you have chosen a suitable spot for your roll-top bath, it can be plumbed into place. The feet, if it has any, will be attached to the floor and the waste pipes fitted. The floor will need to be lifted to plumb in the taps and waste and to ensure the joists can support the weight of the bath.