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Power Lift Baths | Modern Power Lift Bathtubs

Power lift baths offer more assistance to those who need it. Installed with a durable bath chair controlled by a few easy buttons it raises up and lowers into the bath so you don’t have to. Enjoy a stress free bathing experience.

Power Lift Baths, Easy Access Baths & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Make bathing a breeze with our power lift baths. Installed with a bath chair that can be lifted and lowered to your desired height, they are perfectly suited for any kind of mobility issue or for people with limited strength.

Powered bath lifts enable you to comfortably sit in the bath without worrying about balance or pain. For more comfort, our easy access baths come with a door so no more climbing over the bathtub, instead just step in with style.

Here at Just Baths we take safety to the next level, only stocking high-quality walk in baths from trusted manufacturers that care about their customers. We offer a minimum of 5 years warranty on our powerlift baths so you can relax and soak in peace.

Choose Just Baths To Care For Your Needs

If you feel a power lift is too much but you still need a bit of assistance please check out our Walk In Baths, these still have easy access but without the bath chair. If you're limited on space you might benefit from our Deep Soak Baths. If you're just looking for a modern bath with a shower then check out our modern Shower Baths.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, or you're uncertain about something please Contact Us today, our award winning team is here to help you.

Power Lift Baths Popular Questions

What Are Power Lift Bath?

A power lift bath is a type of bathtub that features a seat that can be raised and lowered to allow an individual to sit in total comfort. Power lift baths also feature a door that minimises the chances of injuring yourself whilst stepping over the bath.

Are They Secure?

Here at Just Baths we only stock the highest quality baths from trusted manufacturers. So feel safe in knowing our power baths offer security and are incredibly durable. The trusted seats have smooth movements with non-slip designs and the bath door has easy-to-use locks so no accidental spillage happens.

Do Power Lift Baths Look Stylish?

Just because they’re power lift baths doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. At Just Baths, we pride ourselves on function, durability and style. So all of our power lift baths look like any stylish bathtub but with just an added seat and sleek door. Ensuring you get all the assistance you need but in style.

Who Can Use Powerlift Baths?

Power lift baths are usually suited to anyone who has any kind of mobility issues, physical disabilities, or limited strength. In short, if you struggle using a standard bathtub, these are the baths for you. However, if you’re simply looking for a bathing experience with maximum comfort and ease, power lift baths may be just for you too.