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1200mm Baths - Deep Soak Baths

Our range of baths is available in a range of different sizes. The smallest standard size of bath we sell are 1200mm long, so these are the baths you’re looking for if you only have a small space. Smaller baths are still big enough for many people to enjoy a soak, albeit sat up rather than laying down, but they’re also more energy-efficient since they require a lot less water to fill.

1200mm Deep Soak Baths 

Measuring up for your new bath is simple. You just need to take a tape measure to your existing bath to see how long it is at the longest point. That includes any lip or roll-top that the bath has. It’s best to try and measure at the upper side rather than on top – baths built into a recess normally sit underneath tiles. If you are adding a small bath into a recess, measure the height and width of the bath too, as you’re likely to want a like-for-like.

Otherwise, you’ll need to start planning to retile your bathroom or potentially move your other fittings if you buy a bath that’s bigger than your current one. If your new bath isn’t a replacement, the measurements are still easy – just locate where you want your new bath to live, and measure the available space.

If it’s just 1200mm then you’re in the right place now to buy, but if you’ve got more space available then check our other pages for larger baths starting at 1400mm long. Your measurements might not be quite exact, but don’t worry. If you measure a space and it’s within 10-30mm of a standard size then you’ll be fine – small measurements like this are easily resolved and are usually a result of tiling hanging over the measurable area.

If your measurements seem way out, then don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be happy to help. Once you’ve finalised that a 1200mm bath is the one you need, you can start browsing this page to find the best freestanding or recessed bath for your home.

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