1200mm Baths - Deep Soak Baths

In most modern homes, space can be limited. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your dream bath. Our fantastic range of 1200mm baths allow you to enjoy a luxurious soak, even if you’ve only got a limited amount of space.

1200mm Deep Soak Baths Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space. Relax with Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

If you’re looking for a new bath but unsure of the size, don’t worry! Measuring baths is easy, just grab your measuring tape and take it to the longest point of your existing bath (This includes any lip or roll top). If your bath is built under tiles than don’t forget to measure the height and width of your bathtub too so you can find the perfect fit and make the most of your space.

If you’re looking for a 1200mm bath than you are in the right place. But if you want something a little bigger and you have the measurements than check out our other sized larger baths that start from 1400mm. Don’t worry if your measurements aren’t exact, If you measure a space and its within 10-30mm of a standard size than you’ll be fine.

Find A Bath That has the Perfect Fit for Your Room with Just Baths

Do you have limited space and want to make the most of it? Then have a check of our walk in baths and deep soak baths, small baths or if you have the size then have a look at our baths by size.

If you are struggling to measure your bath and the sizes seem off don’t hesitate to contact us today. Here at Just Baths, we aim to help every customer and our award-winning team of experts are only a call away and are happy to hear from you.

1200mm Baths FAQs

You may not be able to lay down fully in a 1200mm bath, this is why many come in a deep soak design, so you can almost fully immerse yourself in lovely warm water while being sat up.

If you don’t have the space for a bathtub but love taking baths then 1200mm baths are for you. Our range of deep soak baths lets you sit up and bathe comfortably without the bath taking up loads of space. It’s built with more height than standard baths to make up for the shorter length. With our range of deep soak baths, you can easily install a shower into them so it's a 2 in 1, saving even more space in your bathroom.

1200mm baths are perfect for you if you have limited space. Many of our 1200mm baths are deep soak baths, built with more height than length. They don’t take up as much space in your bathroom but still let you bathe comfortably. Many are installed with a door and offer easier access and exits. They take less time to fill due to their smaller size so are also energy efficient and can help save on your water bills.