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Standpipes & Pipe Shrouds

Standpipes & Pipe Shrouds FAQs

Standpipes and pipe shrouds are the same thing with slight differences, a pipe shroud is mainly for decorative purposes, covering old copper piping with new luxury pipe covers but these also have an added bonus of extra protection. Whereas standpipes can be installed for more support and more stability with your freestanding taps while enhancing their look.

These are not a required part of your bath and taps, they are designed to enhance the style and hide old copper pipes with gorgeous chrome finishes, but if you like the look of your copper pipes, by all means, you can keep them exposed. But Standpipes do offer more support for your taps and pipe shrouds can give your copper pipes a little extra protection

Pipe covers and standpipes do come in a range of different sizes, so it's always a good idea to measure your copper pipes before ordering, if you do need some advice you can always contact us for a helping hand on measuring and choosing the right one for you.