Nickel Basins

Nickel basins add a seamless shine that copper basins lack. They are the same as copper basins but with a nickel plating giving them that mirrored finish. They are a long lasting feature that's perfectly designed for traditional or modern spaces.

Nickel Basins With A Unique Style, Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

If you can’t find what you're looking for here but love the style then our Copper Basins are just for you as they come in a wider range of styles. Perhaps you're doing a complete renovation and want to match, then check out our high quality Nickel Baths. If you need advice or have any questions at all please Contact US today, our team has award winning customer service and are happy to help you.

Nickel Basins FAQs

A nickel basin has a copper base that is coated in a stunning shiny nickel finish, giving you all the benefits of a copper basin but with a modern and exquisite shining design. The copper basin has a living finish which means it develops a stunning patina over time, boosting its elegant character further.

A nickel basin has all the same benefits as a copper basin, its material can keep the water warmer for longer, they are just as easy to clean as ceramic basins, and they are unique and highly durable.

Cleaning a nickel basin is as easy as giving it a quick wipe-down. Grab yourself some gentle warm soapy water and clean as you normally would, making sure to stay clear of any metal scrubbers or hard sponges as these can scratch the nickel finish. We recommend not using any harsh chemical cleaners as this can damage the nickel and copper basins and remember to dry your sink afterwards with a dry cloth.