Freestanding Bath Taps

If you choose a freestanding bath, you’ve three options on how to fill it. You could opt for a regular mounted tap on the bath itself, you could choose a wall-mounted tap as long as it reaches over the bath, or you could go for the most stylish option and choose a freestanding bath tap to stand next to it.

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Freestanding bath taps are growing in popularity as more people choose to renovate their bathroom in a luxurious way. They’re the least common choice for taps, seeing as they only tend to work well alongside freestanding baths, but this exclusivity combined with their natural style makes them all the more desirable. Depending on the style of your freestanding bath tap, you might have it tucked in a corner behind the bath so that only the top is visible, or you may have the whole tap on display. There are both modern and traditional designs to choose from too, perfect for anyone looking to give their whole bathroom a consistent theme. As well as being manufactured from long-lasting brass, all of these taps have high quality finishes whether they’re in chrome, nickel or antique gold. They’re all durable and long-lasting, so you won’t need to worry about repairs or replacements for many years to come. And you have the choice of a standalone tap or one with a shower mixer attached if you want to use one for cleaning the bath or washing your hair easier. Take your pick from our amazing range of freestanding bath taps, in various styles and heights to suit different baths and bathroom layouts. You’re sure to find the perfect option, and just get in touch if you need a little help narrowing things down or you’ve got questions around installations of freestanding bath taps.

Freestanding Bath Taps FAQs

Roll top baths and other freestanding baths need a freestanding tap. This type of tap can also feature handheld shower attachments for added convenience.