Nickel Baths

A nickel bath is infused with high quality materials offering a luxury feel, perfect for conducting and keeping heat in, warm baths last longer and their sophisticated design provides a spa like experience.

Luxury Nickel & Copper Baths With High Quality Materials And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Nickel & Copper baths offer a unique, traditional and luxurious design with its high shine quality materials. Usually as a freestanding bath, nickel & copper bathtubs are surprisingly easy to clean. Simply use a mild soap and cloth to gentle wipe away any residue. They are useful for keeping in heat and offering warmth in its deep style design. A nickel roll top bath can help you soak in ultimate comfort while still providing perfect aesthetic for any interior.

Find The Perfect Bath That Suits Your Aesthetic with Just Baths

If you want to add sophistication to your bathroom while still looking for a high performing bath then have a look at our range of tin baths, copper baths or stone baths, keeping your aesthetic appealing and unique while optimising heat efficiency. If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary then why not check out our wide range of modern baths available.

Here at JustBaths we pride ourselves in helping you find your dream bath, so if you need assistance, please contact our award-winning team today.

Nickel Baths FAQs

Most of our range of nickel baths aren’t solid nickel throughout. The outside layer is nickel whereas the base layer is usually made from copper. These two materials combined create a truly stunning feature piece.

Nickel baths have a number of advantages. The most obvious is their aesthetic appeal, they act as a feature piece and can make any space look luxurious. Furthermore, a nickel bath retains heat longer than most baths and they are incredibly easy to maintain.

Here at Just Baths, we are very proud of our broad selection of nickel baths. One of the best things about our range is that they seemingly suit any space, whether modern or traditional. We have a number of different designs and finishes available to blend in or stand out among your decor. The choice is yours.

Nickel baths are incredibly easy to clean and look after. Wipe down any soap residue with water and then wipe down with a clean towel. That’s it! Make sure you avoid any product with chemicals in it.