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Corner Baths

Corner baths literally fit into the corner of your bathroom and are usually shorter but wider than a typical straight bath. We’ve got a great range of built-in and freestanding corner baths for you to choose from along with small or the larger corner baths, with various finishes available.

Corner Baths, small and large corner baths with the best prices and FREE UK delivery available

One of the main benefits of a corner bath is the potential to free up space in a smaller room. Because corner baths don’t have the same length as a straight bath, it usually lets you plan to add a fitting such as a sink or toilet at the foot of the bath, giving you more floor space in the centre of the room too.

Corner baths tuck right into the corners, they’re neat and tidy in terms of design. They’re also visually appealing. Straight baths all look relatively similar while corner baths can have unique angles and different shapes and sizes, whether it be small or large, which makes them more diverse and therefore more interesting. If you want your bathroom to stand out more, consider a corner bath to give it a unique style.

It’s worth remembering that not every bathroom is a simple square or rectangle. Older houses in particular often have unusually-shaped bathrooms, and a corner bath measured to the right size might be the best or indeed only reasonable option to deal with angled walls, recesses or steps.

One thing to bear in mind with a corner bath is that they are sometimes trickier to clean. The angles can create traps for grime, and depending on the size of your bath it may be more difficult to reach over to clean the far corner. It’s a problem that’s easily managed, but one to be aware of when making your choice.

Take a look at our selection of corner baths, make sure you measure up before you buy, and let us know if you’ve tot any questions about any of our baths.

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