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Oval baths are, as the name suggests, rounded oval-shaped and they can be freestanding or tucked into a corner. Oval baths are pleasant and contemporary – the simple symmetry gives them a really contemporary look, while the clean lines of the oval make them sleek. They’re best suited to a modern style, but traditional oval baths are also available.

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Freestanding oval baths look stunning when placed away from the wall. They’re a true focal point and can work just as well in a spacious master bedroom as they can in a bathroom. With central tap fittings ensuring the symmetry is maintained, they look exceptionally stylish and yet completely effortless too. Many oval baths tend to be smaller in length, which means it’s easier to find a space for them in your home and they don’t use as much time or energy to be filled.

Oval baths may not give you the space to lay flat but they’re ideal for kicking back with a book while the lazy minutes tick by. It’s also worth noting that, because the entire bath is rounded, it’s very easy to maintain. Cleaning is easy as there are no tricky corners for dirt and grime to cling to. Just a wipe with a mild chemical cleaner every now and then and your oval bath will look sparkling for years to come.

Every oval bath we offer is manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring it will remain durable for the long term.

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Oval Baths FAQs

Oval baths are some of the slickest-looking baths in our collection. The curved shape provides you with extreme comfort and a stylish feature piece for your space. Oval baths are versatile in their design. They can be freestanding or tucked into a corner if you’re short on space. Furthermore, the versatile design allows it to suit both modern and traditional settings.

Oval baths have been created with comfort at the forefront. The curved design allows for a spacious and comfy bathing experience. You only need to look at an oval bath to see how comfortable they are.

Here at Just Baths, we are very proud to have over 100 oval baths for you to choose from. With such a broad range of baths, the materials involved are also broad. Most of our oval baths are made from acrylic. However, we also have a great range of oval baths made from copper, cast iron and stone.

Yes, some of our oval baths are definitely big enough for multiple bathers. We have a fantastic range of 1800mm baths and even some larger ones. Bathe with loved ones, with Just Baths.