Stainless Steel Towel Radiators

If you’re looking for a towel radiator that is non-corrosive, lightweight, doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and boasts durability and versatility, then look no further than our Stainless Steel towel radiators! They are the perfect option for wet environments like utility rooms and bathrooms, and one of the highest quality heating options around. They last for years and years.

Stainless steel towel radiators combine practicality and style, as well as strong durable properties, which enables them to be peel, flake and discolour proof! Hang your damp towels and clothes on, without any worry.

Our affordable range boasts unrivalled efficiency and luxury, with brilliant BTU’s and heat output. You can be sure that through its durability, it will retain its luxurious design and efficiency for years.

Stainless Steel Towel Radiators at Just Baths with the best prices and free UK delivery

Who can say no to wrapping yourself up in a warm fluffy towel, after you get out of the bath or shower? It’s an affordable luxury you can enjoy with a stainless steel towel radiator.

We have many designs available from the modern to the traditional, as well as a wide range of customisable options. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect radiator for your room, whether it is an eye-catching statement or a seamless addition.

If you have any questions regarding any of our stainless steel towel radiators please contact our team today!!