Large Freestanding Baths

A statement piece of ultimate comfort and sophistication. Our large freestanding baths offer luxurious relaxation in larger sizes.

Standard bathtubs range from 1500mm to 1700mm but our impressive larger freestanding bathtubs end at the grand size of 1900mm, giving optimal room to relax and creating an exquisite centrepiece due to their elegant design.

Large Freestanding Baths, Low Prices Online & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Large baths are perfect for those romantic nights together. No more squabbling for space or being uncomfortable, grab the champagne and candles to enjoy the moment!

Large freestanding baths give ultimate comfort when bathing solo too. Filled with an abundance of space, you can stretch out and be fully submerged in warm, soothing soapy water, giving you the feel of a luxury spa retreat but right at home.

Here at Just Baths, we aim to give our customers comfort and peace of mind so our Freestanding baths are carefully selected from trusted manufacturers that have the highest quality baths available. We stock a wide range of gorgeous styles, colour finishes and sizes so pick your dream bath for you.

Need Assistance In Finding Your Dream Bath?

If you are struggling to find your dream bath don’t worry! We have a wide range of baths to choose from, if you don’t have the room for a large bath but love the clawfoot design then have a look at our Clawfoot Baths. Perhaps you love the idea of a large bath but want a corner fitting? Then our Corner Baths are made for you. Still can’t find what you're looking for? Contact Us today. Our award winning team is here to help you.

Large Bath FAQs

Standard bath sizes range from 1500mm to 1700mm in length. Large baths can be up to 1900mm long, so if you have the room and would love a large freestanding bath then our large baths are for you.

Free standing bathtubs have all 4 sizes exposed. Meaning it doesn’t have to sit against a wall like our back to wall baths, they can be turned into a gorgeous centrepiece of your bathroom.

Most of our baths are made from acrylic due to its durability and high quality finish, but we also stock some impressively crafted cast iron baths too which have their own benefits.