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1400 Freestanding Baths

Our range of baths are available in various sizes. If you’re looking for a 1400mm length bath then these are the options we have for you. 1400mm are on the smaller end of the scale, but this means they’re ideal for many properties with limited space and they’re more energy-efficient since it takes less water – and less heat – to fill them.

1400 Baths, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

If you aren’t sure whether 1400mm is the size you need, just break out the tape measure and check the size of your old bath. You’re looking to measure at the longest point including any lip or roll top. If your bathroom is tiled and the bath is against the wall, be aware that the bath probably sits under the tiles, so there’ll be a small part of it you can’t reach.

If it is a recessed bath then measure the height and width of the bath too. You’ll want to replace like-for-like or you may need to retile and move other fittings to accommodate the space. Your measurements might not land exactly on 1400mm or any of our other standard sizes, but as long as they’re within around 10-30mm of measurement it’s likely the new bath will fit.

If you aren’t replacing an existing bath but are installing a new one as part of a renovation or a new build, then simply measure the space where the bath will eventually live. If it’s around 1400mm then you’re good to browse, but if it’s larger or smaller then you may want to look at our other categories.

Once you have confirmed that a 1400mm long bath is the one you need, you can start to filter by material, style and more to find your new dream bath in the perfect size.

Choose Just Baths For Your Bathtub Needs

If you can’t find the correct size on this page, we recommend taking a look at our 1700mm and 1800mm baths for some larger baths. However, we also have a great range of small baths too.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We have an award winning team of experts who are waiting by the phone to help you with any enquiries you may have.

1400mm Baths FAQs

1400mm baths are amazing if you have limited space but still yearn for a good soak. They use less water due to their size so are more energy efficient and fill up quicker. With the range of styles available, you can choose from single ended baths, cast iron baths, modern baths and more.

The best thing about 1400mm baths are they are affordable all around, from their selling price, we stock baths from as low as £362 and due to their smaller size you use less water, saving on water bills and no to mention saving on cleaning products as there isn't as much surface space to clean.