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There’s nothing quite like the relaxing feeling of lying back and being fully submerged in a steaming hot bath, and that’s where our large bathtubs are perfect. Not every bathroom is large enough to accommodate our range of large baths, but if you’ve got the space then it’s definitely worth upgrading.

Large Baths & large Bathtubs with the Best Prices and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

We have large built-in baths as well as freestanding options too. Generally, a large bathtub is classed as any measuring 1800mm or 1900mm in length, but some are large because of their shape, width or height – particularly the freestanding slipper baths with stunning raised ends. Large baths come in various styles, with both single and double-ended versions. Double-ended means that the taps are in the centre of the bath, so you can choose which end you want to relax in.

Our large double-ended baths are perfect for couples who want to share a romantic soak. Remember that the larger a bath you buy, it may be more relaxing but you’ll need to think about the cost to fill it too.

A Luxurious Range of Large Baths & Bathtubs with Just Baths

Our large baths come in a range of materials and finishes, with more steel options in extra-large sizes than you’ll find in smaller baths. Steel is a highly durable material and so, when dealing with large volumes of water, you’ll want a bath that can handle the weight without buckling or flexing. Whichever of our large bathtubs you settle on, you’ll find that they’re all manufactured to the highest standards and able to withstand regular use for many years to come.

If you are looking for a way to relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself in the comfort of your own home, there is no better way than to take to refresh in a wide bath. If you're looking for comfort then our large and wide baths are the perfect home solution for a luxury bathing experience.

Do you Need Advice from Experts?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please take a look at our double-ended baths. Furthermore, we have a great range of 1800mm and 1900mm freestanding baths for you to view.

For expert advice, please contact us today. Our award winning team of professionals are motivated to help you find you’re your dream bath.

Large Baths FAQs

  • Depth – Here at Just Baths, we believe bath time isn’t fun if you’re only half emerged. The feeling of being sat in one of our big baths and being completely immersed can work wonders for your body and brain.

  • Comfort – Small baths can be a nightmare for tall people. With the added width and length that comes with a larger bath, you’ll be amazed at how comfy you can get in one of these bathtubs.

  • Focal Points – Our Large baths (especially the freestanding ones) are a great choice for people looking for a focal point within their space. Placing a large bath in the middle of a bathroom is particularly flashy.

  • Room For Two – A lot of our large baths have more than enough room for both you and a partner to relax.
  • We have a huge choice of large baths. They range from 1600mm to 1910mm.

    We have a huge range of large baths available in a huge range of rustic and colorful finishes. Our collection of large baths are made from one of our main materials; Acrylic, Cast Iron, Copper, Steel, Stone, Tin and Nickel.