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P Shaped Shower Bath

A separate bathtub and shower cubicle is a luxury beyond many bathrooms, as they simply don’t have the space. A shower bath gives you the best of both worlds, with space for a shower as well as the room to lay back and unwind in a bath when you’ve time. A P-shaped bath is a fantastic option if you don’t want to stand for your shower in a narrower bath space.

P Shaped Shower Baths, with the best prices and FREE UK delivery available

It’s so named because it’s shaped like the letter P, with one side of the bath extending out in a curve to give you more room to shower properly. So, when you’re wanting to turn around and shower your back, you aren’t tripping over your own feet. All of our P-shaped shower baths include a shower screen.

There are various options available, including those with a fixed screen that won’t move, some with a hinged to allow the screen to swing out, giving you more room to climb in, and also some with an extra hinged screen that swings inwards, creating a self-contained cubicle where you can shower without splashing everywhere. With the curved nature of a P-shaped bath, most of them are finished in simple acrylic white.

It’s not as simple to add coloured panelling to a curved bath and so that tends to only be reserved for the more premium tubs. Make sure you measure the space you have available for your bath and check the width in particular. If your bath goes into the corner behind your bathroom door, you’ll need to check that your door handle won’t keep hitting the outwardly curving shower screen.

The alternative to a P-shaped bath is an L-shaped bath. P-shaped shower baths are better if you prefer the sleek look of a curve, instead of the more angular L-shaped design. P-shape baths are also easier to clean as there are no recesses where grime can accumulate.

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P-Shaped Shower Baths FAQs

A P-shaped shower bath is named in accordance with its shape. They are usually curved and rounded at one end which makes them more spacious on one side. This is primarily to allow for a more spacious showering experience.

If you want to benefit from the flexibility of owning both a bath and a shower but don’t have the space to install two separate units. Also, the shower and bath combination is an ideal solution for ensuites. This is because you can squeeze the functionality of both units into just one space

We have a good selection of P-shaped baths. The sizes range from 1500mm to 1700mm.

Yes, our P-shaped Shower baths are very cost-effective. You get a high-quality shower bath for a great price. If budget is important to you, these are perfect. You’ll be over the moon with your luxury bath and even more thrilled with the price.