Stone Basins

Stone basins add instant luxury to your space. Their unique materials and contemporary designs are a dramatic addition to modern aesthetics but also suit traditional interiors too.

Stone Basins Add Unique Appeal To Modern And Traditional Aesthetics

The best thing about stone basins is their unique look. They aren’t common in most households or workplaces so they leave a pleasing impression when seen. Due to their design, they do mostly come in the countertop basin style, which shows off their character best. Their natural stone finish means it's a durable material that doesn't take damage easily.

Their natural design adds instant sophistication when placed in a modern bathroom, surround it with plants for that serene natural aesthetic, or choose a more aged stone basin for completing the look of your traditional interior.

Choose Just Baths As Your Bathroom Supplier

Made to the highest standards, here at just baths we know renovating your bathroom or replacing your basin can be stressful, so we’ve aimed to make the process more comfortable with only stocking high-quality basins from trusted manufacturers.

If you can’t find what you're looking for then check out our Modern Basins, available in various materials and styles. Or why not have a look at our Copper Basins for that traditional finish? If you have any questions please Contact Us today, our award winning team is here to help you.

Stone Basins FAQs

Stone basins are made with a high quality stone resin that's crafted into a basin design. It's a unique material for bathroom basins but has many benefits, they are extremely durable; non-porous material that is scratch and stain resistant. It is a hardy material that isn’t prone to cracking, making them a luxurious choice for any space.

Stone basins are easier to clean than you might have guessed, as long as they are rinsed after use and dried properly they can last many years. But if you do happen to get stains or scratches on your stone basin you can actually remove these, for polished basins you can use a polishing kit, and for non-polished basins, you can use sandpaper and polish to buff the scratches out, we do recommend to be extra careful when doing this as if done incorrectly you can cause more damage. Steer clear from hard sponges and scrubbers and avoid harsh chemicals.