Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators

Take your pick from these excellent floor-mounted towel radiators and add a touch of contemporary class to your bathroom. Enjoy effective heat and striking design whether you choose one of our traditional or more modern towel radiators to enhance the look of your beautiful bathroom.

Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators online with the best prices and FREE UK delivery available

Our floor-mounted towel radiators are highly efficient and can warm your bathroom quickly, ensuring no more days spent cold and damp once you’ve finished your shower or bath. And as a towel radiator, it has ample space to heat your towels as well as the room, meaning you can be wrapped up in snug heat. Many contemporary towel radiators are wall-mounted to maximise floor space but if that doesn’t work for your plumbing, or you simply prefer the look of a floor-mounted radiator, then these may be just what you’re looking for. We still have a wide range of floor-mounted towel radiators to choose from, including those that combine classic radiators with towel rails and the more established ladder design. As well as the different shapes and sizes of floor-mounted towel radiators, we offer them in various finishes. We have chrome, white, black, anthracite and more to choose from, so finding the right towel radiator to complement the décor of your bathroom is easy. When buying your floor-mounted towel radiator, you’ll need to check the dimensions but also look for one with more towel rails if you have a family who’ll be using the bathroom – you don’t want to fight over who gets to warm their towel each morning. All of our floor-mounted towel radiators are built to the highest quality by reputable manufacturers, ensuring they will last for many years without peeling, fading or becoming less efficient. Browse our range of floor-mounted towel radiators now and get in touch if you have any questions.