Stone Baths

Stone might not seem the obvious answer when you’re deciding on which material to have your bath made out of, but it has a lot going for it. Stone baths are some of the best-looking baths you can buy, with clever designs that either exemplify simplicity or add classical accents for something truly luxurious.

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There is a wide range of bath types and shapes available in stone, including oval, round and square tubs. Stone baths are designed to be the focal point of a space even when understated, and every shape is clean, sleek and extremely modern. Different types of stone baths are available too, including freestanding, double-ended, slipper, roll-top or back-to-wall baths.

No matter your layout, there’s a stone bath to suit. Stone baths are also excellent at retaining heat. If you’re the kind of person who loves to lounge in the bath, as the hot water soaks and soothes, then a stone bath will ensure the water stays hot for longer and give you more time to unwind without needing to top up.

As well as the different shapes and styles, you can get stone baths in various sizes, ideal whether you’ve got a more spacious room or a smaller space where you need a more compact option. Take a look through our wide variety of stone baths available to order today. Help turn your bathroom into a true spa haven with one of these gorgeous stone baths, made in either clearstone, natural stone or cast mineral marble.

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If you want the same level of luxury but different material, take a look at our copper baths and our tin baths. Or, if you’d like something completely different, take a look at our full range of freestanding baths.

Once you’ve found the right size, shape and style, we’re here to answer any questions you might have before you buy. Whatever your query, we can help you find the best stone bath to fit your space. Contact us today.

Stone Baths FAQs

Stone baths are made from mineral resin as well as natural stone. They are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a luxurious feature piece for your space. We stock a fantastic range of stone baths in different shapes and sizes. Create a stunning space and enjoy the comfort of our stone baths.

Stone Baths have a number of advantages. Not only do they look stunning but they are completely smooth, as well as being large and deep enough for total submersion and relaxation. Furthermore, they are famous for their high quality and durability. Upgrade your space with a luxury stone bath today.

Stone baths look stunning and they don’t require a lot of maintenance to remain this way.

After using your stone bath, rinse any residue off the stone to stop the build-up of any soap. Next, the bath should be dried with a clean towel. Adopting these simple steps as part of your bath time routine will ensure your bath continues to look its best.

Stone baths aren’t suited to one style of space. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional space, a stone bath will add a touch of class. The timeless appearance will never look wrong.

Here at Just Baths, we are very proud of our stunning range of stone baths but we are also aware that budgets can differ drastically. We firmly believe everyone should have access to a beautiful bath, no matter your budget. Our luxurious stone baths range from £1483 to £3951.