Copper Baths

Copper baths are the most coveted baths available on the market. They’re iconic in traditional bathroom design. These baths are a status symbol as much as a functional tool, and one that's worth your investment.

Most copper baths tend to combine elements of the classical with the modern. Copper roll-top baths look stunning in bathrooms, bedrooms and almost any space. Make sure you match your bathtub with the right taps.

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Copper is more expensive than other materials. Such as acrylic baths or our range of steel baths. But they're worth it, for a lot of reasons.

These baths are also self-healing. If you scratch the bath while cleaning. Over time, the surface will react and repair itself, letting the scratch fade away. Your bath will always look stunning, even if it suffers accidental wear while you use or clean it. They have exceptional heat retention.

Not only do they look classy, but they can also be recycled. Not sure why you ever would but if you ever decide to part with your bath, you can do so in a greener way.

If you want a hot bath that stays hot longer. A bath where you can soothe your muscles and unwind in peace. Then look no further. Take a look through our range of copper bathtubs for sale and find the best one to suit your space. We’re here to answer any questions about bathtubs or the best bath taps and accessories to match.

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If you want the same level of luxury but different material, check out our tin baths and our stone baths. However, if you’re searching for something different, we recommend checking out our massive range of freestanding baths.

If you have any questions regarding copper baths or any of our other products, please contact us right away. Our award winning team are always happy to assist you in any way they can.

What Are The Benefits To Owning A Copper Bath + Frequently Asked Questions

Having one of these bathtubs in your home is the perfect way to make a grandiose statement. A way to create a centerpiece in any bathroom. On top of it’s amazing vintage design. They also have some unique selling points that you find in standard baths. Such as durability, easy to clean and are hygienic.

We mentioned some of the selling points for copper bath. Such as they are easy to maintain. This is due to their pure copper properties which is a low maintenance material. All you need is a mild cleaning agent and a non-abrasive sponge to get the s shine back to how it came. Another benefit of these bathtubs is hold-warmth better than most materials. This is because copper acts as a superconductor. Meaning the heat absorbed by the copper conducts back into the water. making these baths one of the most opulent bathing experiences.

Our range of copper baths range from supplier to supplier. These baths are a premium style of bathtubs, meaning you can expect these to be far from cheap. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank buying them. You’ll find that most of the baths in our store retail for about 3000 to 4000 pounds and are worth every penny.

Salt will damage a copper bath's patina, so it's advised not to do so. This traditional style of bathtubs have a breathable finish. Meaning that scratching may occur but it has healing properties. The patina creates these healing properties. As it is exposed to air,water and scratches will disappear after time.

A copper tub is one of the easiest baths to maintain. This material is antibacterial and resistant to mold so no matter what it is always hygienic. There are still some things you’ll need to do to ensure a clean and happy bathtub.

  • 1. Rinse the copper bath with water and pat dry after every use for the cleanest bath.
  • 2. Don’t use abrasive cleaning products. Always use a smooth sponge that won’t damage or scratch and don’t use a cleaning agent that’s strong. You won’t need a high concentrate to get your bathtub clean.
  • 3. Clean often with a soft cloth.
  • 4. Avoid contact with acidic liquids. if contact happens then please rinse the bathtub immediately.
  • 5. Wax the tub every 6 months to prevent the copper bath from scratching and any build up that may occur.
  • Copper baths are only cold if you put cold water in them, as they are a super conductor this means that copper baths will hold warmth for longer. Making them far superior than any cast or acrylic bath.

    The copper freestanding baths that we sell should feature a protective coating to stop the copper bath from oxidising and turning green. If left unprotected they can tarnish/ turn green. When a copper bath is in a raw and unfinished state then a pure copper bath can naturally oxidise and with the patina being exposed. Although this is a natural phenomenon known as verdigris. We know that most of our customers want their bath to be polished and shining. Scratches and other signs of wear may show up on the bath. Over time you should see them start to heal themselves to due to the self healing, breathable patina. We believe that all our customers should be happy with their purchases. That’s why we offer a 3-10 year warranty on all the baths that we sell. This will be displayed on each product. So please make sure to take a look before you purchase.

    They also have great antimicrobial properties. On other surfaces such as steel, cast iron or acrylic we can see viruses living for several days. Studies show that 99% of harmful bacteria dematerialises in two hours. Making them an excellent solution for families wanting to be clean in every sense of the word.

    We find most of these baths are hand made in a traditional manner. What does this mean for you? It means a copper freestanding bath may have gentle undulations and colour variations. This means your new bath should be a uniquely made 1 of 1. The hammered copper hand finish is an amazing interior design centrepiece for any traditional/ luxury bathroom.