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Freestanding Slipper Baths

Slipper baths are so named because of their sloping design – they’ll have either one or two raised sides that create a truly stunning visual, looking amazing whether in a luxury bathroom or as an accessory for a master bedroom.

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Many vintage freestanding baths are slipper-designed, and we offer a wide range of options in some of our more premium materials including copper and cast iron. Many slipper baths have a roll-top but it isn’t an essential feature that defines the style.

Slipper baths are exceptionally comfortable if you like to sit in a raised position. You’ll have excellent back support with an ergonomic shape, giving you natural armrests on the downward slope. And for romantic evenings, a double-ended slipper bath is the perfect choice for two people bathing together.

However, slipper baths do need more space and you may need additional support for your flooring. It’s worth checking the weight and size of your chosen bath and, if you aren’t sure whether it’s suitable for your home, just get in touch and we’ll happily answer any questions.

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You have a wide range of choices when it comes to your slipper bath finish. Many are classic white, but with the incredible style of a slipper bath, so many are instead designed with a metallic or black finish, creating a true focal point for your bathroom. Slipper baths with feet have a more traditional look but there are pedestal options that are much more contemporary, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect bath for you.

All of our slipper baths are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring they will look immaculate for many years to come. And don’t forget to choose a matching tap set – slipper baths, in particular, look fantastic with freestanding taps if you have the space.

Do You Need Help Finding Your Perfect Bath?

If you cannot find a bath that meets your requirements on this page, take a look at our full range of freestanding baths. Furthermore, if the size is important to you, we recommend checking out our small baths and large baths.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our award winning team are always happy to help you with any enquires.

Slipper Bath Popular Questions

What Is a Slipper Bath?

Slipper bathtubs are iconic, noted for their traditional roll-top sloping shape that offers a luxurious bathing experience at the same time as providing support for the body. As you might expect, these baths were named because they have the vague appearance of a slipper, although designs necessarily vary from bathtub to bathtub. You might have wondered; if slipper baths are comfortable. The sloping end provides support and the depth of a slipper bath makes it perfect for a long soak.

Are They Comfortable?

If you’re not used to slipper baths, you might be wondering how comfortable they are. Many people find slipper baths more comfortable than regular-shaped baths as they can sit a little more upright with their back supported, allowing them to relax easily or even enjoy reading a book while they soak. Due to the slope, they often aren’t as long, but they make up for this in-depth meaning the water can come up higher. The shorter length also means that you can lie down more easily without feeling as though you are slipping down the bath. For others, the length can be an issue. Taller people might find it difficult to get comfy in a slipper bath, while others like being able to slip down and under the water! It’s best to think about what you use your bath for and whether a slipper bath will provide the comfort you need.

Where Do Slipper Baths Belong?

Slipper bathtubs are freestanding, so they do require at least a small amount of space around them to fulfil their aesthetic potential. That said, relatively small slipper baths can offer a comfortable bathing option even in a small bathroom. Thanks to the sloped design of the tub, it allows the user to fully relax without the need for a full-sized bath so it can be an economical use of space – and so can be the perfect bathtub for a small bathroom. Equally, a freestanding slipper bathtub can be the centrepiece of a large bathroom. The design draws attention and can act as the focal point for a large, traditionally styled bathroom with complementary tiles and accessories. Due to the colour options available on many slipper baths, there’s also the opportunity to make your tub uniquely yours, fitting with any bathroom style you might have in mind.