Under Counter Basins

Wash your worries away while admiring your new undercounter basin. Our undermount basins create a seamless finish to any bathroom, sitting just below your countertop it has a luxury feel while giving a minimalistic effect. Extremely easy to clean and made to last, these durable under-counter sinks open up your space and have a refreshingly modern appearance perfectly suited to boost any bathroom décor.

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Undercounter Basin FAQs

An undercounter basin is a sink that sits inside your countertop. Your countertop will have a hole in the shape of your sink and the basin will be fitted underneath. It creates a sleek, smooth finish that is perfect for modern aesthetics.

Undermount basins are extremely easy to clean due to their seamless design, with no extra bits to clean all you need to do is wipe your countertop and give your sink a quick wipe. It is recommended to dry your counter top afterwards as they can be susceptible to water damage if not cared for correctly.

Undercounter basins can be easy to install and very easy to clean as you don't have to worry about hard to reach areas. They are also useful if you have limited space in your room as they can be installed into any countertop. It is recommended that you get a hardy, water resistant countertop as they can be susceptible to water damage if not dried correctly.