Walk In Shower Baths | Modern Walk In Shower Bathtubs

Our walk in shower baths have been designed to simplify the bathing experience. If you struggle to climb in and out of a standard bath, a hinged door to make getting in a breeze could be the answer.

With a wide range of walk in shower bath options available there is a design and size to fit into any bathroom. Great not only for those who struggle but ideal for busy families too. A nonslip base will help manoeuvrability for the whole family.

A hinged door is added to the side of the bath to ensure easy access to a range of standard, small-sized shower baths. Contemporary designs ensure style isn’t compromised so our baths complement any modern bathroom setting. If you’d like to learn more about walk in baths, we recommend taking a look at our guide.

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If you’re struggling to find your perfect bath on this page, don’t stress! We have a great selection of walk in baths for you to view. However, if you’re looking for something completely different, we highly recommend checking out our freestanding range of baths.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please contact us today. We have an award winning team of bath experts. Give us a call and our experts will do everything they can to assist you.

Walk In Shower Baths FAQs

A walk in shower bath is just like a normal shower bathtub but with an added door for easier access. They have all the benefits of a standing shower and a bath, but with the extra benefit of not having to climb in and out, just simply open the door and soak in the luxury.

The best thing about walk in shower baths is that they come in a variety of sizes. The smallest we offer is 1500mm, which is a little smaller than a standard sized bath but is still comfortable to lay down in. Walk in shower baths are two in one so you won't need a separate shower, saving even more room.

Walk in shower baths are just as easy to clean as standard baths, if not easier. Plus you have the benefit of not having to clean a whole separate shower. A quick wipe with mild soap is all you need, and easily rise the bath with the shower head, a quick wipe with a dry cloth and job done.