Back To Wall Freestanding Baths

Our back to wall freestanding baths offer an elegant solution to bathroom design – combining the luxury feel of a freestanding bath with the more space-saving elements of a back-to-wall tub. These baths are premium in both look at feel and are sure to look stunning in every bathroom.

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A back to wall bath is, quite simply, a bath that has its long side placed against a wall rather than being completely freestanding. These baths are often roll-tops in an oval shape, which means they don’t just look sleek but they’re extremely comfortable too. The oval design gives you a relaxing space to lean back, and it’s low maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

With a back to wall design, these baths are tidy – you don’t need a huge amount of floor space to fit one of these baths into your space. You can also then wall-mount your taps, if you prefer, to keep the bath itself looking immaculate. The extra shelf space created by the flat side of the bath can also be used for decorative accessories, or more functionally for toiletries if required.

On the front of the bath, you’ve plenty of choice for how you want your bath to look. Most freestanding options use exposed legs in chrome, black or some ornate colour to highlight the appealing freestanding design. Alternatively, back to wall baths can easily be surrounded by panelling for a more tidy and often colourful finish.

Take a look through our range of back to wall freestanding baths now and find the one that you feel best fits the style of your bathroom.

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Freestanding baths come in a variety of sizes. If you can't find a freestanding back to wall bath that meets your requirements. Then a freestanding bath might be just what you're looking for. You might also be able to find a bath from our small freestanding baths or large freestanding baths collections.

If you need any help measuring up, or you’ve got any questions at all about these freestanding baths, please don’t hesitate to contact us.